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I’m a huge fan, and I hope that I can someday teach and inspire my students as well as you have done thus far for me.

——Sidney A. Johnson, Wayne State University

Dr. Rausser has taught graduate and undergraduate students for more than 35 years. Students at UC Berkeley have had the greatest opportunity to study with him, but students at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and several other institutions in the United States and abroad have also enjoyed learning under his guidance. Dr. Rausser has mentored many graduate and undergraduate students and visiting scholars and directed more than 60 Ph.D. dissertations.

A recent e-mail message from a doctoral student at Wayne State University who also teaches at a local college indicates the value of Dr. Rausser’s teaching expertise:

Hello, Professor Rausser,

I am an Economics doctoral student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and an adjunct at Madonna University and Marygrove College. I just wanted to let you know how informative and clearly presented your lectures are. I’m a huge fan, and I hope that I can someday teach and inspire my students as well as you have done thus far for me.

I listen to your Econ 100A lectures as review material before lecturing my students, and you have given me the best explanations of tools used in microeconomic analysis as well as some of the most practical examples available.

Thank you again for your time and your inspiration!

Sidney A. Johnson

For sample syllabi from a recent graduate course in Quantitative Policy Analysis and/or a recent undergraduate course in Environmental Economics and Policy, please see Quantitative Policy Analysis and Introduction to Environmental Economics.

Students have found Dr. Rausser to be an unusually dynamic and effective instructor. Early in his career, Dr. Rausser received a Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award from Harvard University (1978). The Citation (2004) and Achievement Awards (2010) he received from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley, also recognized his teaching accomplishments.

Dr. Rausser’s first love is mentoring graduate students. More than 60 of his successful doctoral candidates now teach and conduct research throughout the country as first-rate theoretical and empirical micro-economists. Several of his former students hold academic positions in Agricultural Economics, Economics, and Business Administration departments. Dr. Rausser also continues to conduct and publish research with many of his former protégés.

The Gordon Rausser Scholarship Fund

On November 15, 2000, at a dinner honoring Dr. Rausser’s six years of service as Dean of the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, a generous check in the amount of $301,000 was presented to the College of Natural Resources on behalf of many of Dr. Rausser’s friends and colleagues. The purpose of this sizable gift was to honor Dr. Rausser’s distinguished service to the college by establishing a scholarship fund in his name for exceptionally promising students in the College of Natural Resources. Both graduate students and financially challenged undergraduate students who might otherwise be unable to continue their educations are eligible to receive the award.Sample Letters from recipients of Gordon Rausser Scholarship Awards

To donate to the Gordon Rausser Scholarship fund at the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, please go to the following link.