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Rausser Foundation

The Rausser Foundation has two principal purposes. The first is to fund and facilitate research in the environmental and natural-resource fields (the Rausser Institute). The second is to fund and host summer camps focused on food production and the environment for disadvantaged children and young adults (the Rausser Ranch Camp).

The Rausser Research Institute

The Rausser Research Institute awards grants to academic researchers to fund research projects conducted at the Ranch. The goal of the research is to promote sustainable economic growth while conserving natural resources. The Institute directs its funding towards research focused on the nexus between environmental quality, biological science, and economic well-being. The Institute also hosts scientific conferences.

The Rausser Ranch Camp

The Rausser Ranch Camp provides scholarships to disadvantaged children and young adults to enable them to experience life on a working ranch. Participants experience a hands-on opportunity to learn how food is produced and how agriculture and livestock depend on the environment. Activities include raising and caring for farm animals, gardening, tending orchards and vineyards, and managing rangelands. The multi-acre ranch camp also provides amenities such as bungalows, a swimming pond, and recreational facilities. These amenities will enhance the value of experiencing rural life.

For more information about either the Rausser Institute or the Rausser Ranch Camp, please contact Paige Rausser.



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