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Academic Editorships

Dr. Rausser has edited significant publications in his field. Since its inception in 2009, he has served as Editor of the
Annual Review of Resource Economic, a leading annual compilation of research in the field of resource economics. Annual Reviews’ publications are among the most highly cited in scientific literature.

The scholarly Annual Review of Resource Economics (ARRE) was established simultaneously with the Annual Review of Economics (edited by Ken Arrow) and the Annual Review of Financial Economics (edited by Andrew Lo and Robert Merton). ARRE explores the nexus among resource economics, science, and public policy. It offers authoritative critical reviews of the most significant new research in resource economics. Special areas of focus include agricultural economics, environmental economics, and resource economics and economic development.

This groundbreaking series provides a forum in which leading scholars evaluate the most important contemporary advances in the field of resource economics. These scholars lay out the most important developments, writing with technical precision for a broad audience of scholars across the economics and related disciplines.

Some topics reviewed in the first volume include: GMO: Intellectual Property: The Economics of Invasive Species; Industrial Organization in Food Industries; Consolidation of the Food Industries in Developing Countries; Economics of Nutrition and Health; Governance Structures and Policy Reform; Reduced Form vs. Structural Modeling in Environmental/Resource Economics; Models Integrating Ecology and Economics; Payment for Ecosystem Services; Market Design for Tradable Pollution Rights; Environmental Health; The Economics of Invasive Species; The Economics of Endangered Species; Management of Fisheries; Recent Developments in Renewable Technologies: R&D Investment/Synthetic Biology; Fuel vs Food; Market Design: Water Allocations, Rights and Markets; Land Use and Climate Change; Policy Instruments in a Carbon-Neutral World; Rural Poverty and Economic Development; Political Economy in Resource-Based Developing Countries; Public-Private Partnerships: Structure of Contracts; Economics of Energy Conservation; Supply and Demand of Electricity in the Developing World; Wither Hotelling? Tests of the Theories of Exhaustible Resource Pricing; Rent Taxation for Natural Resources.

As editor, Gordon works with the other members of the editorial committee and the staff editors to define the topics for each volume, solicit and review contributions, and oversee the editorial and production process. The fruitful collaboration between distinguished scholars and colleagues in the field and Annual Reviews’ expert staff makes ARRE one of the premier publications in resource economics.

The original editorial board members of ARRE, besides Dr. Rausser, were Dr. Gardner Brown, Dr. Jean-Paul Chavas, Dr. Maureen Cropper, Dr. Partha Dasgupta, Dr. Geoffrey Heal, Dr. John A. List, Dr. David M. Newberry, Dr. Kerry Smith, Dr. Vernon L. Smith, and Dr. David Zilberman.

Other Academic Editorships

Member, Editorial Council, Strategic Behavior and the Environment, 2008–
Co-Editor (with Bruce L. Gardner), Handbook of Agricultural Economics,
Vols. 1 and 2 (Elsevier)

Editor, Agricultural Management and Economics, Springer-Verlag, 1988–92

Editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1983–86

Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 1978–82

Associate Book Review Editor, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1974–82

Member, Editorial Board, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1977–80

Associate Editor, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1973–77


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